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life story to make sure they got out the way they wanted and it is beautiful. and frightening but i think they all speak to a new way to reading the story. >> thank you very much [inaudible conversations] [applause] >> i have never got that
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kind of reaction before. [laughter] i am vp of communications year at heritage welcome to the heritage foundation and the author of seven year times bestsellers and a new one out called "demonic." it is very funny way colleagues know when i read her column because i am laughing out loud like a madman. she is witty, clever, courageous comment tackles issues that many will much. she stands up for her beliefs or others will waffle because she has deep convictions and understands the services that many of us here do obviously but at others i also want to recognize former attorney general the chairmen of legal studies here at the heritage foundation. [applause]
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and stand up. he has not made in. the author of the statement that he really wants to come off the reason i am recognizing them because they are conservative mike funds. traditional dahlias and an coulter is another figure of conservatism. she will make remarks afterwards she will sign. i eight do ask we may not have time for pictures we will have signing first if there is time she will take pictures of there is time. [applause] [cheers and applause] >> i really wanted to speak after the book signing because it turns out they are serving beer and whine
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and that is the ideal audience for me the right wing owe little liquor up. [laughter] i don't have prepared remarks. when you won't look at who you would be competing with when your book comes out i never in a million years thought i would be competing with "weinergate." [laughter] but at least unlike anthony wiener you can tell what if i am happy even when i stand behind the podium. [laughter] i assume you all have had a chance to read my book or c1 of my age million interviews but i will quickly say "demonic" is a description of the mob which is always demonic and deepens are always maasai described the democratic party and liberalism as some of
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starting with the french revolution. and has been that way 200 years and in the process of writing the book i now understand liberals in a way that i never did before and consider myself something of an expert but what confuse me paul krugman, frank rich rich, at least they did well on their s.a.t. test because stayed went to good colleges but seems so stupid that is crowd psychology. people in a crowd lose some of their intelligence and grasp onto conspiracies to list every part of groupthink briefly describes but not in the same way to describe conservatives.
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you are all getting a copy but i love to take questions because then i don't need prepared remarks. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> i love "the view" i have been on four times. they have been lovely we had a great time every time except one when it all yelled at me i would have to wait to get something out that was the only time barbara will pleasure -- program walters was on the show. by process of elimination the rest of them are lovely girls. it has been weird because usually instantly liberals fixate on some small joke in my book and twisted around that is the only thing that i talk about for the next month which gets tedious and
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for the first time i am asked about the book which is great because i spent all this time researching a book but then i am really worried without a massive catfight my book syles will suffer. [laughter] >> it looks like your boy chris christie isn't running. who is next? >> of my boy chris christie does not run he will go from being my love to my enemy for life. [laughter] i am now designing my parachute so i can dive into the governor's mansion i really do think he should run for one thing he is head and shoulders above the other candidates of one thing it is worth noting every single republican is better than john mccain and the debate. it is not that i intensely dislike them we run against
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the incumbent mainstream media is against us we need a star he won the governorship in one of the left-wing states and the union. i was shocked. i would have lost pets. i don't think that means he will win reelection and third, we have been amazing republican team coming up that 102 to know a the attorney general of virginia if he runs he is like chris christie and stunningly articulate which is something for republicans since our candidates usually cannot put two sentences together. if one could talk that would be something. [laughter] you have the attorney general of kansas, same thing. marco rubio turns out to be a fantastic senator he could run for president. we have all of this amazing tala it will not be a
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cakewalk particularly because i will be his sworn enemy if he does not run this time cement how tall are you? >> 8-foot 7 inches. [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> we're counting on the heritage foundation they should be a good year but unfortunately in 2010 we have a lot of enthusiasm and anger about obamacare the
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was just the luck of the job even of good democrats hold the senate it is 50/50 republicans and democrats do are up for election my barbara boxer they're not going to lose the region have many opportunities but that changes next year and three years from now those are fantastic years and i don't know how they will blow it. i am sure they will come up with something and it is your job to stop them. [laughter] >> thank you very much. do you think the liberals have a clue about the spiritual component to why conservatives? you don't like our policies but it does go beyond that.
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>> that is covered more extensively in my book called "godless" and that explains why you do see that mob psychology characteristics on the left but not on the right-wingers are republicans and we know from the polls that most though the been a god and those who claim they do run for office and are lying. it is a vertical relationship. and around the crowd around do because christ said we would be it makes us feel macho. [laughter] if you do not have the up and down relationship with god then you really have to care what people abound you
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think. that is when you want approval from the imagine a "new york times" editor in your head listening to every exhortations and and hoping jon stewart we'll say anything mean about your will like you. conservatives don't care about what people around them think that is why liberals still believe in god. >> >> would buy sign young conservatives with college? >> don't go to law school. >> he would be throwing your wife oil that the liberals go to law school. unless he will be a scumbag trial lawyer you will not make that much money you'll be working weekend for the
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rest of your lives and there i say did you know, you'd be doing this? and is said job that you did not know existed. i know what it is. the person who designs food for tv commercials so it looks attractive come up on the play, the lighting. there are a lot of jobs out there. young conservative should go into the media to become public school teachers and the pay is fantastic by the way. [laughter] college professors and republicans could teach me a few tricks if you're on a college campus, you are apparently not going with the flow. and that is very first-aid the bathetic this locking up to their professors.
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teacher another example of homophobia in hamlin. [laughter] now no. that is mine. so you don't need advice. of course, it was college republicans who came up with the catch the illegal alien game which i ambled over an aberration with and affirmative-action big sales. i don't need to tease them anything but i will tell you the truth is inherently appealing and a lot of college kids don't have that experience that is why i keep speaking despite the risk of physical violence because half of the audience does not have clearly defined political believes i am the only conservative they will hear after four years of college. a lot of things like this
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have happened but one example of syracuse one of the college republicans kept saying what they say at the green meeting. i said are you a secret mall? he said i used to be green. i said what changed you? i saw you give a speech and your the only person who made sense right after 9/11. it does make a difference for the kids were just forming opinions and if you just speak the truth is appealing. >> i'd like to read to quotes and ask you to comment on both of them and you may know them very well. as long as democrats can win the election without demagoguing happy to turn america into a banana republic putting us on a high-speed bullet train to bankruptcy it refuses to deal with entitlements. second. the american people want to cut spending because they know it will create a better environment for job creation
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with the entitlement programs in the next budget process is four to have plenty of opportunities to talk about that. speaker of the house of representatives. is it safe to say both parties have the unreliable record? [laughter] >> by the way if i was picking out my most choice quotes for the book so security reform would not be it. i have said this to republican and audiences but sometimes they're not chickens but responding to the people that is a great thing about the tea party movement you have americans to have been thinking about politics and now they're starting to notice they are ponzi schemes. but they are denouncing the
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idea lawyers against the security it is the definition of a ponzi scheme. incoming money goes out to the recipients. that is the madoff plan. and the creators of security knew perfectly well they were creating the ponzi scheme but they would be dead and buried before they went bankrupt. but we have to be able to educate people about that. those instead of proposing plans to reform social security and medicare should do nothing but talk about what the problems are. how current medicare recipients are receiving three times of what they paid him. just keep talking about the problems and what democrats have to say.
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[inaudible] >> it is unfair to gross sarah palin with michele bodman? >> she emerged monday night from that comparison. she is mike stepheson but i also think you cannot win the presidency from the house of representatives. that any of your from minnesota you better go back and do organizing to run for the governor or at least the senate. [laughter] they take my orders. >> thank you very much. [applause] is. >> please form an orderly line.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> nice to see you again. you are such a great man bright keeps seeing you at these things but i don't get a chance to talk to you. >> you have a lot of fans but i want to say hello. >> come back sometime. nice to see you. >> hello.
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>> who is this? >> somebody handed me a book [laughter] >> you are a nice young man. >> this is for stephen. >> who is that? >> the third one is mine. >> guy year from michigan?
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>> no. thank you very much. >> hello. i am glad you have that beautiful cover the. >> if you are taking a picture face the camera. [laughter] >> here is your pen. >> hello. i thought that you look familiar. [inaudible] excellent. is this for you? >> would you doing now? >> i am in college. >> don't go to law school. >> hello. i am christina nice to meet
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you. >> i just graduated from college in your books taught me more than any professor. [laughter] >> thank you. hello. nice to meet you. i think this makes an excellent father's day gift. >> we are big fans the. >> where you from? >> we are from texas. >> i have a lot of fans in texas. >> hello. >> is this for father's day? >> it is for father's day.
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he is a big fan. >> where you from? >> i am from maryland originally. >> we have a growing tea party movement. >> i have heard. >> a pleasure to me you. >> you are catching on. [laughter] >> who is this war? >> thank you.
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>> i am patrick form war against the macquarie doing in washington? >> >> is this for you? i am glad. how was the graduation? >> [inaudible conversations] and. >> how long have you been i heritage? >> two 1/2 years. >> hello.
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i knew that you look familiar. >> this is where my dad. of he asked me to come. thank-you for all that you do what. >> this is lowered jeff. [inaudible conversations] and
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] the. >> no, no, no i spoke to the last staffer. and. >> can you have a cocktail while i finish this than we can talk? [laughter] and it is so good to see is. >> i heard you on the radio program was sitting in traffic listening. >> and they said this was sold out. >> you did say that. >> that's my girl. >> but you cannot let it go. >> we will see you later.
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[inaudible conversations] thank you. is this for you? >> he is a genius otherwise there could be a fight over the book. spec i have a question brian close to where your mother is. >> i may be back there next month. >> hello. nice to meet you.
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[laughter] you are good. >> but unfortunately a my riding is scratchy even a, i concentrate. good luck. hello. nice to meet year. [inaudible conversations]
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i have of her three new and a pair four years. >> that is to i get it from. my father was a big supporter. nice to meet you. >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you. >> when i am stuck in traffic you are wonderful you are a delight. this is for my father. >> this is the perfect gift. >> sino. [laughter]
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>> nice to meet you. >> that is nice of you. >> had bought the book online. nice to meet you. [inaudible conversations]
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